Ushvani Skin care products: Ushvani, the spa, is deliberately an ├╝berexclusive
paradise for hyper-discerning women in London. (Believe me, the superlatives
are fully justified).

If you happen to have read the beauty press in the last few months you
will have noticed that Ushvani has launched a range of skin care products
that were once the exclusive preserve of the clientele of the spa.

The products wow everyone who use them. And judging by the feedback,
so does the packaging (by me, of course). I will spare my blushes
by not sharing most of the praise it received in the press. But I can't
resist quoting one journalist who said the packs were simply 'superseductive'.

Packaging that truly represents the product it contains and engages a
highly discerning audience. Job done.

As well as the packaging, much of the on-going marketing is by me too
(more about this later). I'm pretty certain that one day women everywhere
will want to say 'thanks'!

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